Now available at Qurios: Ptthee

Now available at Qurios: Ptthee Dutch herbal tea that protects the bee and improves biodiversity

Save a bee, drink some tea

When you stay at Qurios, we'll let you try some Dutch tea that we're very proud of.

This tea is brought to you by Ptthee and Qurios and is made from wild flowers and herbs, sown on the famous Dutch grasslands. When you drink this tea, you help us improve the Dutch biodiversity.


Sowing the seeds

Ptthee works together with Dutch farmers to sow the seeds of flowers and herbs in the grasslands. 

We need more biodiversity!

1 in 4 insect species is at risk of extinction The well known green grasslands, where cows and sheep graze on, often look nice and tight and green. But many grasslands in our country are in bad shape. Only one type of grass grows, usually English ryegrass. The so-called biodiversity is in a pretty bad shape. The grasslands are more like a “green desert" than flowery meadows with birds and butterflies, as you often saw them in the past. 

With the sowing of flower and herb mixtures we get more and more healthy grasslands. The flowers of these herbs attract insects that are badly needed for pollinating crops. We really need these natural pollinators for our food supply. In short: biodiversity is vital for all of us.

At Ptthee, they make fresh organic herbal teas from the herbs and flowers they sow in the grasslands. So, the more people choose PT tea, the more herbs they can sow.

Drinking this tea will help the bees and improve biodiversity.

This is how we restore Dutch nature together.

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